Educational institutions have several software solutions that are used by staff, faculty and student.

Your Student Information System (SIS) has several places to authenticate:

  • CAMS Enterprise
  • Faculty Portal
  • Student Portal
  • Alumni Portal
  • Application Portal

Your Learning Management System (LMS) requires authentication.  Your email solution requires authentication.  Your directory solution (Active Directory, LDAP) requires authentication.  Most institutions have, at the very minimum, three different areas where users and passwords must be managed.   And, as if that’s not a big enough hassle, users then have to deal with finding and re-logging into each of these areas and trying to keep it straight where to go when they need information.

3D Technologies has a solution to simplify this.  We have created software that will provision accounts on all of these softwares automatically when a user reaches a certain status (e.g. a prospect becomes an applicant) and then emails the user with a link to activate their account.  Once an account has been provisioned, we have a SAML based single sign-on solution that centralizes login and guides the user to where they need to go.  The end result is that users go to one portal, login one time, and have seamless access to all of the various areas that they need to access.

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