Introducing POSH, a New Point of Sale System for Universities

Providing flexibility in tracking sales, attendance, and meals for students.

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About POSH

Meet Point of Sale for Humans

POSH is a new proprietary software created for schools to seamlessly track meal plans, chapel or event attendance, classroom attendance, gym use, and more!

Students will scan their badges and POSH uses their student ID to pull data. When a student scans, it updates the databases in real-time. Backup power means even if an outage happens, students can still scan their IDs and data will be stored locally until power is restored. The same can be said for internet coverage interruption!

More features will become available in the future. If you have a feature request or want to talk to our team for a bespoke setup, reach out today!

Who is attending lectures? Who is skipping them?

Learn More about POSH

To learn more about how our new product can streamline your university, reach out today!


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