CAMS 2020 Resources

Download PPTs and watch videos of the CAMS 2020 presentations.

Session Powerpoints

TJ Davis – Welcome Session Highlights
TJ Davis – 3D CAMS Optimization
TJ Davis – Data Clean-up Best Practices
TJ Davis – Migrating CAMS
Jessica Archambeau – Admissions Roundtable
Jessica Archambeau – NSLDS
Jessica Archambeau – Billing Module
Jessica Archambeau – Prospect Import Tool
Jessica Archambeau – Student Life Roundtable
Jessica Archambeau – Housing and Parking Set up and Processes
John Manguno – 1098T Overview
John Manguno – Intermediate SQL 1
John Manguno – Intermediate SQL 2
John Manguno – Introduction to SQL 1
John Manguno – Introduction to SQL 2
Michelle Gruber – Billing Round Table
Michelle Gruber – Registrar Processes
Michelle Gruber – Registrar Round Table
Michelle Gruber – status record

Session Videos