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3D Technologies, a consulting and programming company based in Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth) provides enterprise level consulting, custom programming, integration, as well as general programming assistance with the CAMS Enterprise solutions suite. At 3D Technologies, our experience with CAMS Enterprise and our wide range of integration and custom programming solutions allows us to provide top tier services for clients in the Educational sector.

With over 20 years of combined experience consulting and customizing the CAMS Enterprise solution, 3D technologies will provide your institution with customer service and response times that are second to none. At 3D Technologies, we develop custom solutions to bring more of your existing processes in CAMS Enterprise & decreasing your reliance on old, outdated systems. Our CAMS Enterprise Support & Consultation is future focused.

Contact us to learn how 3D Technologies can develop a comprehensive solution for your institution to help integrate and further expand the capabilities of your CAMS® Enterprise software solution.

Why Choose 3D Technologies?

We Develop a Comprehensive Solution for Your Institution

Integration Services

Every institution has multiple pieces of software and they should all be able to talk to one another.  We are experts at making this happen.  Chances are that we have already written an integration for software that you haven’t but, if we haven’t, we can! Here are a few of the softwares that already have integrations:

  • SalesForce

  • Active Directory

  • Google Apps

  • Office 365

  • Desire2Learn (D2L)

  • Moodle

  • Slate

  • Sakai

  • Blackboard

  • Hobsons

  • Resource Scheduler

  • ID Works

  • Quickbooks

  • TargetX

Hosting Services

While we specialize in CAMS Enterprise hosting and Learning Management Systems, we offer hosting services for almost any solution. We have staff that specialize in the following services:

  • CAMS Enterprise

  • Microsoft IIS

  • Microsoft SQL

  • Active Directory

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • Apache

  • Tomcat

  • Linux OS

  • Windows OS

  • Moodle

  • Sakai


At 3D Technologies we take security seriously and we will work with you to design a hosting solution that provides the services that you need without compromising on security.


Stability is also a key factor which is why 3D Technologies locates our equipment in data centers that exceed Tier 3 requirements and that are strategically located not only in multiple states but on multiple continents.  This gives us the ability to offer 99.9% uptime on all services.


Application performance is directly related to customer satisfaction. And, by customer, we mean your customers.  At 3D Technologies, we recognize this and will absolutely never skimp on resources.  You will find that we always provide more than the recommended specifications in all areas including processor speed, memory, hard drive space and bandwidth.

Please contact us if you would like more information on our CAMS Enterprise cloud or other hosting services. You won’t regret it.

Other Services

We offer a CAMs Support & Manager service where we support the institution’s end users with their CAMs questions.  If, after troubleshooting, we find that it is a bug with CAMS then we will submit the support requests and be the liaison with Thesis CAMS as the issue is worked out.  We are an official partner of Thesis systems and we have a good working relationship with them.  We provide world class support and service for the Thesis CAMS solution.

3D Technologies also provides a CAMS support service to perform CAMs software updates for institutions and re-customize the portals after the updates if needed. Our management and consulting solutions for the Thesis CAMS solution will save your institution time and money.

3D Technologies has designed a premier fail-over solution for CAMS Enterprise environments.  For institutions that are content with providing CAMS Enterprise as an in-house service, consider us as a failover site.  We will monitor your site and, should it go down for an amount of time specified by you, we will begin to serve it for you until yours is back up.  Utilize this service to provide enterprise level customer service.   This service can also be used in a lesser role where we store a realtime copy of your data solely for the purpose of recovery should you experience a disastser.

It seems like every step of the student’s lifecycle requires one or several signatures.  Online applications, billing statements, course schedules, financial aid forms, the list goes on and on.  Use our digital signing solution to automate this process, removing the burden from your students and also from you staff.  Students are shown singable documents on the document tracking screen of their portal.  They are able to click on these documents, sign them at HelloSign or DocuSign then are brought back to the portal where they can view the signed version of document.  Staff are then able to locate these documents with a status of Complete – Unverified, review it and update the status accordingly.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!  All with the legal backing of the digital signature provider.

Contact us today for more info on this solution!

Educational institutions have several software solutions that are used by staff, faculty and student.

Your Student Information System (SIS) has several places to authenticate:

  • CAMS Enterprise
  • Faculty Portal
  • Student Portal
  • Alumni Portal
  • Application Portal

Your Learning Management System (LMS) requires authentication.  Your email solution requires authentication.  Your directory solution (Active Directory, LDAP) requires authentication.  Most institutions have, at the very minimum, three different areas where users and passwords must be managed.   And, as if that’s not a big enough hassle, users then have to deal with finding and re-logging into each of these areas and trying to keep it straight where to go when they need information.

3D Technologies has a solution to simplify this.  We have created software that will provision accounts on all of these softwares automatically when a user reaches a certain status (e.g. a prospect becomes an applicant) and then emails the user with a link to activate their account.  Once an account has been provisioned, we have a SAML based single sign-on solution that centralizes login and guides the user to where they need to go.  The end result is that users go to one portal, login one time, and have seamless access to all of the various areas that they need to access.

Contact us today for more info!

3D Technologies is the leading financial aid consultant in implementing the CAMS Enterprise financial aid module.  We can help with:

  • ISIR Imports
  • COD Communication
  • Priority Packaging
  • Integrations
  • Student based borrowing

With years of experience and a close relationship with Thesis, we provide expert consulting on the CAMS Enterprise Financial Aid Module.

Writing reports makes us happier than a pig in mud!  Happier than a slinky on an elevator!  We have written reports in our sleep, on a plane and underwater (not really).  3D Technologies can help you with customizing existing reports, creating new reports, implementing new reporting solutions, training and pretty much anything else that involves a report.

Contact us today for your reporting needs!

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